By DSI/Dynamatic

At a time when supply chain issues have plagued the manufacturing industry for nearly two years, and suppliers are scrambling to obtain materials, we’re happy to report that we have a limited inventory of fractional horsepower variable speed drives (VSDs)!

Fractional drives range from ¼ to 1.5 horsepower and are most often used in spindle operations, turntables, take-ups, and rewinds. Variable speed drives, or adjustable speed drives, are used to change the speed of a constant speed AC motor.

Advantages include:

  • Control, motor, and clutch are all in one
  • 200% rated torque for starting and high-peak loads
  • No physical contact between input and output members, creating a smooth response and less wear
  • Easy and direct drop-in replacements

The actual mechanical unit is self-contained and requires no special hookup, which offers easy installation.

Torque is transmitted by a magnetic field without friction or wear providing longer life. This results in less downtime in your facility. Tachometer feedback maintains the output speed within 2% for load changes from 0-75%, which controls speed accurately.

The rugged AC motor is the main drive member and the VSD has permanently lubricated bearings, requiring minimal maintenance on the unit. They are available in single phase or three phase and are compatible with existing machinery wiring and plant power.

A double output shaft and double 56C-Face allow brakes and gears to be easily added.

We offer flexible modifications after the drive is in service, too!

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Our supply is limited, so they are sold on a first come, first served basis. Contact our expert sales team today to place your order before they’re gone.

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