Dynamatic® Eddy Current is your best choice for high performance and proven reliability

You have several choices when it comes to adjustable speed drive technologies: Eddy Current, mechanical, hydraulic, variable frequency (VFDs) and DC. But when the cost of downtime enters the decision making, the field narrows… to Eddy Current. Why? Because no other adjustable speed drive system operates with such simplicity, with so few parts to wear out, and with so little maintenance. Once you pencil in the total cost of downtime for your process — the lost material, the lost labor, the lost output — you’ll see why many system designers and engineers specify high performance Dynamatic® Eddy Current drives.

Choose from the most complete line of Dynamatic® Eddy Current electromagnetic drives

For over 85 years Dynamatic® has lead the way in reliable Eddy Current drive technology. We offer the broadest line of AS/FAS Drives (Dynamatic® Ajusto Spede) from small variable speed drives of .75-40 HP to rugged and reliable larger AT Drives at 1-200 HP. Our Dynamatic® DCD Drives offer low-cost dependability from 3-75 hp. Dynamatic® CES Press Drives are Constant Energy System drives designed specifically for the stamping industry.

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