MA 7200 Variable Frequency Drives

TECO Drives available in NEMA 1 or NEMA 4/12 enclosures

The MA7200 Plus ranges from 1HP to 75HP and is available in two different NEMA enclosures. NEMA 1 enclosure drives are available in: 230V, 50/60Hz, 3-Phase from 1 – 40HP (CT), 1 – 50HP (VT) or 460V, 50/60Hz, 3-Phase from 1 – 75HP (CT), 1 – 100HP (VT). NEMA 4/12 enclosure drives are available in: 230V, 50/60Hz, 3-Phase from 1 – 20HP (CT) or 460V, 50/60Hz, 3-Phase from 1 – 20HP (CT).

Pump talk software

MA7200 Plus has features that provide a complete package for pump controls. These features include both a PID control package for the motor, as well as an external PID function for a related plant process.

Sensorless vector

The MA7200 Plus has precise speed and torque control for the most demanding system performance and simple set-up through an auto-tuning function. It can be operated in sensorless vector or V/Hz mode to match the user’s specific application.

Graphical LCD operator

The MA7200 Plus offers easily read parameters and status in plain English text on a 2 line by 20 character lighted LCD, eliminating the need to memorize parameters – the user can set up the drive without an instruction manual. Straightforward monitoring of drive status through the operator is also available, which simplifies set-up and troubleshooting.

Parameter copy

No extra hardware is required on this drive. The copy feature is included as standard in the keypad. Simple cloning of the drive program is available, making it perfect for the OEM.

Flexible input/ output options

The MA7200 Plus offers sink or source selectable digital inputs (1-2 HP Models are sink mode only) – 4 Preset, 4 User Programmable, 16 Preset Speeds, 2 Analog Inputs, 2 Analog Outputs, 3 Multi-Function Output Contacts – 1 Form C Relay, 1 Form A Relay, and 1 Open Collector Output.

Two built-in PID control loops

Revised Powerful Programming Options – The MA7200 Plus allows the user to set up basic parameters for simple tasks or take advantage of advanced features for demanding applications.


The MA7200 Plus has Modbus RTU as standard. The user can control, program, and monitor the drive(s) over an industrial network. Other protocols are also available as options


User Selectable V/F Curves + S Curves are available.

Motor/ drive systems

Pair the MA7200 Plus with a TECO-Westinghouse motor for single source reliability.

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MA 7200 Drives

  • English LCD display / copy unit
  • Modbus communication (built-in)
  • PG feedback (built-in)
  • PID control
  • Simple PLC and timer function
  • Energy savings function
  • MA Link software
  • Options include:
    • Zero-sequence noise ferrite core
    • Remote analog operator
    • LCD digital operator
    • Profibus communication card
  • UL, cUL, and CE approved
  • Pump control software package included