EQ5 Series AC Variable Frequency Drives

Dynamatic torque vector control from 1/4HP thru 800HP

Dynamic torque-vector control system performs high-speed calculations to determine the required motor power for the load status. Our key technology is optimal control of voltage and current vectors for maximum output torque.

  • High starting torque of 200% at 0.5Hz, 180% for 40 HP or larger models.
  • Smooth acceleration/deceleration in the shortest time for the load condition.
  • High-speed CPU quickly responds to abrupt load changes, detects regenerated power to control the deceleration time. Automatic deceleration function greatly reduces the inverter tripping.

Reduced motor instability at low speed

Motor instability at low speed (1Hz) is reduced to less than 1/2 of that achieved by conventional inverters with the dynamic torque-vector control system, in combination with a unique digital Automatic Voltage Regulator.

New on-line tuning system

  • On-line tuning to continuously check for variation of motor characteristics while running for high-precision speed control.
  • Tuning function is also available for a second motor, which allows high-precision driving of the second motor by changeover operation between two motors.

Environment-friendly features

  • Provided with low-noise control power supply systems to minimize noise interference on peripheral devices such as sensors.
  • Equipped with terminals for connecting a DC LINK REACTOR that can suppress harmonics.
  • Compliant with EMC Directive (Emission) when connected to optional EMC-compliant filter.

Advanced and convenient functions

  • 16-step speed with timer control for conveyor applications.
  • Automatic energy-saving operation, PID control, cooling fan on/off control, line/inverter changeover operation for fans and pumps.
  • Rotating motor pick-up control: Restarts motor without any shocks by detecting motor speed where motor is coasting after momentary power failure occurs.
  • Automatic energy-saving operation function: Minimizes inverter and motor loss at light load.

Global products and communication

  • Conforms to major world safety standards: UL, cUL, TÜV (up to 30 HP), EN (CE marking).
  • Equipped with RS485 interface as standard.
  • Connection to field bus: Protocol options are PROFIBUS-DP, Interbus-S, DeviceNet and Modbus Plus.
  • Universal Digital Inputs and Outputs (DI/DO): Monitors digital I/O signal status and transmits to a host controller, helping to simplify factory automation.

Intelligent keypad panel

  • Copy function: Easily copies function codes and data to other inverters.
  • Six languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Japanese) available as standard.
  • Jogging (inching) operation from the keypad or external signal.
  • Remote operation using optional extension cable.

Advanced monitoring and programming via TECO Link™ software

  • RS232/ RS485 connection via PLC or computer.
  • System overview screen displays drive status and up to 15 live parameters.
  • Keypad control simulates the operators LCD keypad right from the computer.
  • Meter screen provides graphical drive data for 4 parameters simultaneously.
  • Plot and record data
  • Store, analyze and compare trend data
  • Function tuning

EQ5 Drives

  • Dynamatic® torque-vector control
  • Reduced motor instability at low speed
  • New on-line tuning system
  • Environment-friendly features
  • Advanced and convenient functions
  • Global products and communication
  • Intelligent keypad panel
  • Advanced monitoring and programming

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