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Dynamatic® DCD Drives

Long life cycle and lower maintenance costs in hostile environments

Harsh environments such as asphalt and aggregate duty are no problem for the dependable and reliable performance of Dynamatic® DCD Drives. Our simple, rugged Eddy Current design and self-cleaning rotor provides worry-free operation with no routine maintenance. Mechanical units feature a 2-year warranty.

Dynamatic® DCD models are direct NEMA and IEC motor frame replacements for Torspec® brand models 100 TCD, 132 TCD, 160 TCD, 180 TCD and 225 TCD. Dynamatic® DCD drives fit right in place and can utilize the Torspec® Model 5001 control, or our own Dynamatic® Model DSI-700 control, which is a direct replacement for the 5001 Torspec® control.

Dynamatic® DCD Eddy Current Drive

Dynamatic® DCD Drives

Dynamatic® DCD Drives are a simple low-cost solution featuring a TEFC AC induction motor, with multiple voltage and 50/60 Hz options. The C-face motor is flange mounted to the maintenance free Eddy Current coupling. The DCD Drive can produce up to 200% starting torque and can operate with several types of Dynamatic® speed controls. Learn more about digital controllers for the drives.

Dynamatic® DCD Eddy Current Drives are a combination of an air-cooled, adjustable speed clutch and a flange mounted AC induction motor. Simple, low-cost dependability that is readily interchangeable with models TCD and CD. Consult factory for more details. Dynamatic® DCD Drives transmit torque at variable speeds. There is no physical contact between input and output members. This results in smooth response, thereby eliminating shock and loading and extending equipment life. All drives have an integral tachometer generator mounted around the output shaft to provide feedback signal to the drive's controller. The controller provides the DC excitation for the clutch coil. The feedback signal from the tachometer generator is used as a reference signal within the controller to maintain accurate speed regulation.

  • Simple, rugged and reliable provides long service life
  • Operates in hostile environments such as aggregate and asphalt
  • Worry-free operation with no routine maintenance
  • New improved torque tube provides high torque output
  • Self-cleaning rotor ensures dirt/dust-free operation
  • 2-year warranty on DCD mechanical units
  • DCD Drives are direct replacements for Torspec® brand drives

Dynamatic® – Adjustable speed drives, brakes and controls OEM

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