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Dynamatic® CES Drives

Servo control accuracy in one simple electromagnetic package

The Dynamatic® Constant Energy System (CES) Mechanical Press Drive is a combination of an air-cooled adjustable speed drive, a brake, a belt ring flywheel and a shaft-mounted tachometer in a common housing. CES press drives can function within a wide stroking range while exercising full control of the slide within individual strokes. The press drive can produce sufficient inertia for normal, double and triple action press applications.

Dynamatic® CES Press Drive and CES Press Control

Dynamatic® CES Drives

The clutch/brake design of the CES Press Drive helps avoid “tearing” of pressed metal parts while optimizing parts per minute production. CES Press Drive features can be fully utilized by blanking,  deep draw transfer, progressive die, follower, synchronized  and multiple action presses with automated handling equipment.

Single CES system saves capital and maintenance costs compared to multiple servomotor designs

Dynamatic® CES Press Drive controllers are solid-state closed loop velocity controllers specifically designed for Eddy Current CES mechanical press  drives, creating a simple, safe, and reliable drive system.

The CES controller is readily adaptable to position control in large production presses and is easily applied to single or multiple action presses where speed control is desirable. The system utilizes a position transducer (digital shaft encoder) to measure press position (crank angle) and compares this feedback information with a digital position reference.

Dynamatic® CES Press Drive controls are specially designed for CES Mechanical Packaged Press Drives. The chassis mounted control has many features such as solid-state, high-field-forcing speed regulation, and 460 volt, 3 phase, 60 hertz, input voltage. Additional features include clutch and brake SCR power circuits, over and under-speed error detector, brake and clutch over-current protection. Also includes clutch-brake overlap detector, Digital Main Regulator (DMR) closed loop speed control with six (6) individual run speeds (plus inch and microinch speeds) and corresponding press crankshaft starting angles.

  • Maximum production with minimum scrap
  • Microprocessor based control with logic safety
  • Servo control accuracy in one simple package
  • Electromagnetic adjustable speed clutch design
  • Original equipment on Verson, Danly, Komatsu, Eagle and Bliss 1000 ton and larger presses

100% Factory tested

Only Dynamatic digital CES press drive controls and all individual components are 100% factory tested under simulated load-operating press control conditions using a custom-built burn-in test chamber designed to operate at all voltages, under full load, using actual coils from a working CES mechanical drive. The test chamber exposes the controller to rigorous vibration and extreme heat similar to the working press environments, meeting or  exceeding the highest industry standards on any press drive controllers available today.
Accept no alternatives. Specify Dynamatic® CES quality products.

Dynamatic® – Adjustable speed drives, brakes and controls OEM

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