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World's leading manufacturer of Eddy Current adjustable speed drives, brakes and controls.


Dynamatic® PDC-2000 Controls

The world’s first digital complete closed-loop power press Eddy Current control

Dynamatic® PDC-2000 Controllers provide precise speed control of your Eddy Current drives up to 200HP. PDC-200 is interchangeable with any Eddy Current drive controllers, and allows for quick and easy step-by-step set-up with no potentiometers to adjust.

Digital press drive remote controller design

Dynamatic® PDC-2000 Eddy Current controls feature lighted start/stop pushbuttons, speed adjustment potentiometer and status indicating lights. System performance, programming, error messages and status are all clearly communicated via its intelligent 2-line by 20-character digital display.

Dynamatic® PDC-2000 Adjustable Speed Controls with the optional automatic counter balance pressure adjustment feature are specifically designed to operate Eddy Current drives on metal forming and powdered metal presses. The user-friendly design is built upon years of press control experience and our desire to continuously improve performance, and simplify setup and operation of press drive power controllers. PDC-2000 controls, designed to be powered at all times, accepts a signal from the AC motor indicating that the motor contactor has been closed. The PDC-2000 creates a time delay based on the AC motor current (amps) to determine when the AC motor is up to speed. The controller can identify a problem during AC motor start, such as a stalled AC motor or a locked up clutch. This intelligent function helps protect your AC motor and limit the damage to the Eddy Current drive should there be a problem with the motor or the Eddy Current clutch assembly.

Dynamatic® PDC-2000HP Eddy Current Control

Dynamatic® PDC-2000HP
Eddy Current Control

  • Compatible with all Eddy Current drives up to 200 HP
  • Interchangeable with any Eddy Current controllers
  • Quick and simple set up
  • Start/stop lighted pushbuttons
  • Speed adjustment potentiometer
  • Status indicating lights
  • Intelligent 2-line 20-character digital display
  • NEMA rated enclosures for controller and remote
  • Rugged and reliable choice for new and retrofit presses

Dynamatic® – Adjustable speed drives, brakes and controls OEM

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