Dynamatic® offers quality remanufacture and repair for all Eddy Current drives. We have been designing, building and refurbishing systems for over 80 years and know more about our equipment than anyone else. We have the original specifications, drawings, documentation, test requirements and update information. Don’t trust the heart of your business to anyone, insist on Dynamatic quality.

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We re-manufacture all makes of Eddy Current drives

Our After-Market Mechanical Repair Group will have a remanufactured quotation in your hands within five (5) business days after we receive your drive. Upon approval, our experienced mechanical repair personnel will re-manufacture your drive using the original engineering documentation for the drive as well as any revisions yielding product improvements. Qualified technicians will inspect all critical dimensions for wear or damage.

Our normal re-manufacturing process includes the following:

  • Steam clean and disassemble the drive

  • Inspect all critical parts to original specifications such as bearing journals and bores, pilots, air gaps, coils (normally recommend coil replacement), seal fits and surface finish

  • Check concentricity and squareness of bearing caps and sleeves

  • Check generator fields and rotors

  • Replace all bearings, gaskets and seals

  • Assemble the drive

  • Test the remanufactured drive, checking for vibrations, etc.

  • Paint the assembled drive

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