Controls – Troubleshoot, Diagnose, Repair

Dynamatic® electronic repair personnel are experienced in troubleshooting, diagnosing, and repairing controls and printed circuit boards (PCBs). We will restore them to original design specifications of Dynamatic quality and reliability.  Our current production units generally are refurbished within five (5) business days, at 50% or less of the price of a new control or PCB.

Control Repair
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Our normal control and PCB repair process includes:

  • Up to 65% less initial cost that VFDs in medium voltage applications

  • No ancillary costs for conditioning/cooling and harmonic suppression

  • Lower cost installation and commissioning due to less complex systems

  • Simple to use digital control integration

  • Electronics are 60-70% smaller than comparable medium voltage VFDs

  • Dynamatic® drives use less energy to operate in than VFDs

  • Lower peak demand costs: no multiple, medium voltage motor starting/stopping

  • Capable of continuous operation in 40° C ambient temperature
  • Proven rugged and reliable electromagnetic clutch design

  • Outlast VFDs by as much as 6:1

  • Easy to maintain by on-site staff using low-cost parts

  • Unaffected by power quality fluctuations that can destroy VFDs

Repaired controls and printed circuit boards are furnished to you with a full one-year warranty for parts and labor in accordance with our standard warranty.

Control Repair

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