Achieve true system efficiency for your Dynamatic® Eddy Current adjustable speed application

When compared to Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs), especially in medium voltage water and wastewater applications, Dynamatic® adjustable speed pump-drive systems can save you up to 65% in capital costs alone. Further, the operating efficiency of a Dynamatic adjustable speed drive increases relative to the normal operating speed of a motor, making them ideally suited for water and wastewater pumping applications. Rugged and reliable, Dynamatic® drives and digital controls are simple to maintain and have been proven to outlast VFDs by as much as 6:1. A Dynamatic® pump-drive system will dramatically reduce your lifetime operating costs.

Before you over-spend on self-proclaimed “efficient” variable frequency drives, give us a call. Our team of experienced engineers can help you achieve true system efficiency with a Dynamatic® Eddy Current adjustable speed system designed to have a lower total cost of installation, deliver higher overall operating efficiency, and provide the lowest cost of operating ownership of any system on the market today.

We offer a complete line of control upgrades for Dynamatic®, Eaton, E.M. (Electric Machinery), US Motor/WER/Emerson, Ideal Electric and Sterling existing Eddy Current drives, saving your operation significant dollars.

  • Up to 65% less initial cost that VFDs in medium voltage applications

  • No ancillary costs for conditioning/cooling and harmonic suppression

  • Lower cost installation and commissioning due to less complex systems

  • Simple to use digital control integration

  • Electronics are 60-70% smaller than comparable medium voltage VFDs

  • • Dynamatic® drives can use less energy to operate in than VFDs in many applications

  • Lower peak demand costs: no multiple, medium voltage motor starting/stopping

  • Capable of continuous operation in 40° C ambient temperature
  • Proven rugged and reliable electromagnetic clutch design

  • Outlast VFDs by as much as 6:1

  • Easy to maintain by on-site staff using low-cost parts

  • Unaffected by power quality fluctuations that can destroy VFDs


Dynamatic® adjustable speed drives and digital controls are easy for plant maintenance staff to keep up and running. Our rugged and reliable drives have been proven to outlast VFDs by as much as 6:1.