Trouble-free operation with Dynamatic® Eddy Current drive technology

Dynamatic® is a long-standing provider of Eddy Current adjustable speed drive solutions to the textile industry, delivering reliable production and processing control. The range of applications include fiber production and processing, assembling fibers into yarn, assembling fibers or yarn into fabrics, and assembling fabrics into apparel or other products.

Leading textile manufacturers and distributors such as American Fibers & Yarn, Honeywell, BASF and Monsanto Textiles utilize processes and machines that feature Dynamatic® drives and brakes. Applications include non-woven fabric production, spreading devices and screen conveyors, bonding and drying processes.

For further information or details on these and other adjustable speed applications in the textile industry, please download our applications guide or contact one of our application specialists.

  • Long, reliable operation with minimal maintenance

  • Low cost, high quality processing and production

  • Accurate speed, tension and torque control

  • Simple-to-use controllers

  • Full range of horsepower options

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Textile Production

Dynamatic® drives, brakes and controls deliver reliable production and processing control across a broad range of textile applications.