We work with many notable companies around the world. Some of our most significant projects from the last decade or so are listed below in both our water/wastewater sector and the industrial sector.

Water/Wastewater Projects

DSI/Dynamatic has been an integral part of major projects around the world. Some of our most notable and recent projects are in the water and wastewater industries. Our list is rather extensive, so we’ve noted a sampling of our projects from around the country in the last decade.

  • 2018 – MWRD Greater Chicago Kine WWTP (one subsequent refurb in progress)
  • 2018 – Greater Lawrence Sanitary District, Massachusetts
  • 2016 – Columbus, Ohio Alum Creek Pump Station
  • 2016 – Evansville, Indiana Department of Water
  • 2016 – Kansas City, Missouri 87th Street Pumping Station (3 additional projects in design)
  • 2014 – present New York City, Department of Environmental Protection (two projects in design)
  • 2013 – City of Windsor, Ontario, Canada Little River Pumping Station (one subsequent project)
  • 2013 – City of Miami, Florida Alexander Orr Treatment Plant
  • 2013 – Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority, Ascension Parish, Louisiana, Walter S. Lemann Memorial Pumping Station
  • 2012 – St. Charles, Louisiana Sabine River Authority (one new project in production)
  • 2012 – St. Louis, Missouri MSD Bissell Point Pumping Station (subsequent refurbish project)
  • 2010 – City of St. Joseph, Missouri Wastewater Treatment Plant (three subsequent projects)
  • 2009 – Trane Building Services, Fort Benning, Georgia
  • 2008 – City of Green Bay, Wisconsin Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • 2008 – present – Gary, Indiana U.S. Steel Corporation
  • 2005 – Detroit, Michigan Severstal North America
  • 2005 – City of West Bend, Wisconsin Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • 2005 – present – City of Sacramento, California Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • 2004 – present – St. Louis, Missouri MSD Lemay Pumping Station

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Industrial Projects

Our industrial projects span the globe, but here, we’ll focus on the United States and the notable projects we’ve been involved with in the last decade. For more information about how we can assist you with varied speed in your industrial process, contact us today!

Industrial Projects Map
  • 2012 – Kamuela, Hawaii Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope Corp. AS-705 Brake for Telescope Operation
  • 2014 – Orange, Texas, DuPont Repair of WCS-218 for Extrusion Process
  • 2018 – Elmira, New York, Hilliard Corp. – Polaris New AS Units for Test Stand Dynamometers
  • 2018 – Rodeo, California, Phillips 66 AT-360 with Custom Blades for Carbon Kiln
  • 2019 – Hampton, Virginia, NASA Repair of a Brake for a Test Stand Dynamometer
  • 2019 – Indianapolis, Indiana, Allison Transmission Two New WB-617 Units for Test Stand Dynamometers
  • 2020 – Beaumont, Texas, ExxonMobil Repair of WCS-223 for Extrusion Process
  • 2019 – Grande Prairie, Texas, Bell Helicopter Repair of WCS-219 for Test Stand Dynamometers
  • 2020 – West Lake, Louisiana, Mike Hooks Repair of WCS-219, New WCS-216 for Dredging
  • 2021 – Perrysburg, Ohio, Chrysler Repair of CCES 49/63 for Metal Stamping
  • Annual – Chicago Heights, Illinois and Buffalo, New York, Ford Motor Company CES Units for Metal Stamping
  • Annual – Nashville, Tennessee, Electrolux Repair and New AT-360 Units for Metal Stamping

Notable projects from around the world:

  • 2018 – Norlane, Victoria, Australia ABB Australia WCS-2192B Brake for Mining Conveyor
  • 2019 – Olofstrom, Sweden, Volvo Repair of CES Units for Metal Stamping
  • 2020 – Alberta, Canada, International Paper New and Repair of WCS-2165 for a Lime Kiln