Stamp out downtime with Dynamatic® Eddy Current adjustable speed

The success of your business depends on the proven reliable performance and durability of your stamping press machines. When you compare your adjustable speed technology options – Eddy Current, Variable Frequency, and Direct Current – Dynamatic® wins every time. We have 90 years of application experience designing and servicing adjustable speed drives and controls for variable speed stamping presses including 1,000 ton and larger presses.

Call Dynamatic® for OEM sales, service and support for all your press, slitter and uncoiler adjustable speed drive needs.

Keep your business running strong…

  • Call for off-the-shelf drives and controls or Certified Factory Re-manufacturing.
  • Our experienced adjustable speed drive technicians will dismantle and assess your drive and all its individual components.
  • We can replace all damaged and worn components with new factory warranted parts.
  • All re-manufactured drives are dynamometer tested to certify quality and performance.
  • We also conduct circuit board analysis, repair and testing per Dynamatic® standards.
  • New digital control upgrades

  • Quick-ship control board repair service

  • Full line of drop-in replacement control options

  • Low cost press drive packages available

  • Certified original CES parts

  • 24-hour support, on-site service and training

  • OEM press drives for Minster Machine, Verson, Danly, Bliss Clearing, Niagara, Stamtech, Seyi, and Komatsu

Metal Forming and Press Stamping

Dynamatic® adjustable speed drive on Bliss 500-ton presses as installed at Marwood Metals, Tilsonburg, Ontario, Canada
*photo courtesy of Marwood Metal Fabrication Limited