Certify your repairs and reduce warranty claims with a dynamometer test stand

To verify the quality of builds, rebuilds or repairs, it’s essential for a facility to be able to test in a controlled environment before engines are put into use. An engine dynamometer is a device used to test an engine that has been removed from a vehicle, ship, generator, or various other pieces of equipment. The propose is to confirm performance before the engine is installed. Dynamometers can help facilities troubleshoot by determining an engine’s functionality while under load.

We partner with Power Test, Inc. to make sure a wide range of design, construction and installation are available to you. With their extensive engineering knowledge and support, we can help you get the most of your investment and ensure your test stand performs how it should.

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Water Brake Dynamometer: Water brake dynamometers are ideal for higher power engines with options ranging from 350 to 10,000 HP. These dynos are most cost effective for larger internal combustion engines and electric motors.

The largest water brake dynamometers can range up to 10,000 HP and speeds up to 2,500 RPM, and are designed for high torque, low speed diesel engine applications. These test stands have effective power absorption from 300 RPM to 2,500 RPM without the need of gearboxes. They can be found servicing mining, construction, power generation and marine propulsion industries.


Eddy Current Dynamometer: Specifically designed for small displacement diesel engines, the eddy current (EC-series) engine in line eddy current absorption units in a robust, compact frame. The air-cooled eddy current absorbers eliminate the need for an expensive water recirculation system and the most engines being tested can be cooled with a standard closed-circuit radiator system. This compact air-cooled design results in a minimal environmental impact and the ability to be easily relocated with no need for a permanent installation. When combined with our fully automated dynamometer control system, all your testing needs can be performed at the touch of a button.

Power ranges through 400HP and speeds up to 5,000RPM and are designed for torques up to 1,500 lbs. ft. With an engine cooling column, and self-aligning universal engine cart with adaptors and drive shift this eddy current dynamometer is a excellent system for testing varying engines and motors torque and horsepower output.

Data Acquisition & Control
Data Acquisition & Control for any testing need All the control and data you need in one easy to use system that runs on the familiar Windows® platform. Operators easily can manage testing and create customized, professional reports. Proof that your quality is worth the price. Remote monitoring and reporting, test facility integration and professional reports are also available if needed.

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