Rugged and reliable performance through flexible, precise control

Designed by press engineers for the press industry. Available in 1 through 200 HP, the Dynamatic AT adjustable speed drives with tachometer feedback let you control speed within 1/2 percent from no load to full load. You’ll also get 250% of rated motor torque – great for starting and momentary overload conditions. Comparatively, other drives offer only 110 percent to 150 percent torque.

The success of your business depends on the reliable performance and durability of your machines. Dynamatic has over 90 years of application experience designing and servicing drives for variable speed stamping presses.

We also load test every controller and drive 100% before it leaves the factory, so you can count on reliable startup and consistent performance.

Dynamatic® AT Drives

Dynamatic® AT Drives

Dynamatic® AT Drives

Cutaway illustration reveals the durable simplicity of our Eddy Current design.

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How do Dynamatic® Eddy Current electromagnetic drives work?

Easy installation

These Eddy Current drives are available for use with any three-phase voltage input, which means you won’t need expensive, special wiring. They are available in 50, 60 and 50/60 Hz units to simplify worldwide applications.

You don’t need highly trained personnel to install these adjustable speed drives. In fact, they are about as easy to install as electrical motors.

Controllers for Dynamatic® AT drives use only 1% of line power, so you can place these drives up to 500 feet from their controllers. This makes them ideal for hard-to-get-at locations, such as pits, towers and on top of your press.

Simple, rugged design

Look inside a Dynamatic® AT drive and you’ll see why it’s the leader in adjustable speed drives. Nothing is simpler yet offers such high performance and proven reliability.

Since torque is transmitted through an electromagnetic coupling there is no wear as occurs with drives utilizing friction material or belts to transmit torque. No slip rings or brushes to replace or clean, just four bearings ensure more uptime, and minimal maintenance… all advantages manufacturers find especially important.

A cast iron housing, brushless clutch coil, and solid-state controllers, are ideal features for harsh conditions – oil, dirt, dust, high humidity and more! And the TEFC motor allows for outdoor operation.

These adjustable speed drives have their own internal cooling fans, so there is no need for external cooling systems that can fail.

Dynamatic® AT drives feature optional built-in Eddy Current brakes. Designed for controlled deceleration of the drive through the stroke or when stopping the flywheel, this is a big plus when stamping deep drawn material. No tearing of the metal means less scrap and more parts, faster!

  • Compatible to run on virtually any 3-phase voltage input

  • 250% motor torque available at clutch output

  • Easy to understand, install, operate and maintain

  • Maximum production and minimum downtime

  • Easy to retrofit in industrial environments

  • 0.5% speed regulation is standard

  • Suitable for harsh industrial environments

No power line pollution (harmonics)

Since there are no fast switching devices, the controllers meet FCC Part 15, Class A and B. They also meet the requirements of ANSI / IEEE 519 without the use of line fillers, capacitors and chokes.

Small, simple controller and PLC compatibility

The entire SCR controller consists of one printed circuit board and is interchangeable among wide ranges of drive horsepower to reduce your inventory and save money. Dynamatic® offers a full range of digital controls with many standard features for optimal performance.

Interfacing the Dynamatic® AT drive to computer control systems is a snap and the controller interfaces easily with PLC systems.

Dynamatic® is the ideal solution for digital control upgrades, offering one platform for every press in your facility.

AT Drives – Dynamatic® Eddy Current Brakes

The Eddy Current Brake can be mounted, as an additional optional part, on the output end/shaft of a standard horizontal AT Drive. The Eddy Current Brake is an adjustable torque brake used to decelerate the drive. The Eddy Current brake can only be mount to the following AT Drives; AT-320, AT-360 and AT-440 drives. Contact one of our engineers to learn if the addition brake options are right for your application.

Keep your business running strong

Consider all the cost advantages – downtime avoided, low installation cost, and the minimal cost of maintenance – you’ll see how the Dynamatic® AT drive can be your smartest choice.

Dynamatic® AT Drives

World’s Leading Manufacturer

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