Performance at its best in the .25-40 hp adjustable speed drive class

Smooth, responsive and highly reliable, the Dynamatic® Eddy Current AS drive with tachometer feedback lets you control speed within 1/2 percent for load changes from no load to full load. You also get a full 34 to 1 speed range and 250 percent of rated motor torque — great for starting and momentary overload conditions.


Dynamatic® AS/FAS Drives

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Cutaway illustration reveals the durable simplicity of our Eddy Current design

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Video explaining how Dynamatic® Eddy Current electromagnetic drives work.

PLC compatible

Interfacing the Dynamatic® AS drive with a computer control system is a snap. The controller interfaces easily with PLC systems.

Designed for reliable adjustable speed performance

A look inside the Dynamatic® AS drive tells you why it’s the leader in adjustable speed drive applications. Nothing could be simpler yet offer such high performance and reliability. With electromagnetic transfer of power and just four bearings, this unique design has very few points of friction. Which means more reliable performance — an advantage that manufacturers with continuous operations find especially important.

Built tough

With cast iron housing, brushless clutch coil, and new digital controllers, the Dynamatic® Eddy Current AS drive has what it takes to handle a variety of industrial applications. It’s ideal for operating in harsh conditions — around plaster, cement, oil, dirt, wastewater… you name it. And the standard TEFC motor allows quick washdown without interrupting continuous operation. Plus, these drives have their own internal air-cooling fans, so there is need for complicated cooling systems that consume energy and can fail.

Easy to install

Dynamatic® AS drives are available for use with any three-phase voltage input, which means you won’t need expensive, special wiring. They are 50/60 Hz design to simplify worldwide applications. You won’t need highly trained personnel to install these drives. In fact, they are as easy to install as electric motors. And since the controllers for Dynamatic® AS drives use only 1 percent of line power, you can place these drives up to 500 feet from their controllers. This makes them ideal for hard-to-get-at locations, such as pits, towers and on top of large machinery. You can also install them in vertical positions without expensive modifications.

Low life-cycle cost

After considering all the cost advantages — low installation cost, downtime avoided, and the minimal cost of maintenance — you’ll see how Dynamatic® AS drives are your lowest cost solution. And when used within the normal operating range on fans and pumps, their energy efficiency is equal to or better than other types of drives.

  • Compatible to run on virtually any 3-phase motor

  • Approximately 250% motor torque available at clutch output

  • Long, reliable life backed by 2-year warranty

  • Easy to understand, install, operate and maintain

  • Maximum production and minimum downtime

  • 0.5% speed regulation is standard

  • Suitable for harsh industrial environments

We take our commitment to high quality seriously at Dynamatic®. It shows in the long life cycle our customers have come to expect from the Dynamatic® AS/FAS line. We also 100% test every controller and drive before it leaves the factory, so you can count on consistent performance.

Virtually no maintenance costs

The low maintenance requirements of Dynamatic® AS drives help you put more profit on the bottom line every year. You’ll have no slip rings or brushes to replace or clean. And the only physical connections between input and output members are four industrial bearings, needing only occasional lubrication. That’s all there is to maintaining these electromagnetic drives.

A small, simple controller

The entire SCR controller consists of one printed circuit board. And it’s interchangeable among a wide horsepower range of drives to reduce your inventory and save money.

AS Drives – Dynamatic® Eddy Current, Friction & Spring Set Brakes

There are three brakes options, that can be mounted as an additional optional part, on either the clutch end or motor end of a standard horizontal AS Drive. The Eddy Current Brake is an adjustable torque brake used to decelerate the drive. The friction Brake is an electromagnetic brake that uses friction to decelerate and stop the drive. The Spring Set Brake is a failsafe/emergency brake to decelerate, stop and hold the drive.  Contact one of our engineers to learn if the addition brake options are right for your application.

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