Best Performance in the 1-40 HP adjustable speed drive class

Smooth, responsive and highly reliable, the AS Drive with tachometer feedback lets you control speed within 1/2 percent for load changes from no load to full load. You also get a full 34 to 1 speed range and 250 percent of rated motor torque — great for starting and momentary overload conditions.

Dynamatic® AS/FAS Drives

Dynamatic® AS/FAS Drives

Dynamatic® AS/FAS Drives

Cutaway illustration reveals the durable simplicity of our Eddy Current design

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  • Control, motor, and clutch in one

  • 200% rated torque on start up

  • Easy installation

  • Tachometer feedback

  • Permanently lubricated bearings

  • Available in single phase or 3-phase

  • Easily add gears or brakes

  • Flexible modifications

PLC compatible

Interfacing the Dynamatic AS drive with a computer control system is a snap. The controller interfaces easily with PLC systems.

Designed for reliable adjustable speed performance

A look inside the Dynamatic AS drive tells you why it’s the leader in adjustable speed drive applications.

  • Simple design
  • High performance & reliability
  • Only 4 bearings to maintain
  • Few points of friction for long-lasting equipment
  • Quick turnaround time from order to delivery
  • 2:1 longevity vs. VFD
  • Approx. 250% starting motor torque
  • No expensive spares
  • One simple controller


  • Spindle
  • Turn table
  • Take-ups/Rewinds

Small, simple controller

The entire SCR controller consists of one printed circuit board. It’s interchangeable among a wide horsepower range of drives to reduce your inventory and save money. We test every controller for 100% usability before it leaves our factory.

AS Drives – Dynamatic Eddy Current, Friction & Spring Set Brakes

There are three brakes options, that can be mounted as an additional optional part, on either the clutch end or motor end of a standard horizontal AS Drive.

  1. Eddy Current Brake is an adjustable torque brake used to decelerate the drive.
  2. Friction Brake is an electromagnetic brake that uses friction to decelerate and stop the drive.
  3. Spring Set Brake is a failsafe/emergency brake to decelerate, stop and hold the drive.

Contact one of our engineers to learn if the addition brake options are right for your application.

Dynamatic® AS/FAS Drives

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