A sampling of some of our satisfied customers across the U.S.

Bell Helicopter

CHALLENGE: A 2250HP Louis Allis motor being used with a Dynamatic water-cooled coupling on a critical test stand went down and they needed a drop-in replacement. They had trouble sourcing this unit

SOLUTION: We reached out to Louis Allis directly, providing the customer’s nameplate information from their existing motor, and provided a drop-in replacement factory recertified motor.


CHALLENGE: Existing tach generators on their extrusion lines weren’t compatible with our EC-2000 controls and causing issues.

SOLUTION: Our lead engineer requested that we ship two G-2 Tach Generators (in stock) via courier for quick delivery. We partnered with Quality Air Forwarding for a “next flight out” service to Houston, TX and by midnight, the parts had been delivered. By the following morning, the customer was up and running on two critical extrusion lines.

Evansville Water and Sewer

CHALLENGE: The 1960s-era Dynamatic drive was nearing its life’s end since it was over 50 years old.

SOLUTION: We replaced the 500HP Dynamatic eddy current drive and motor with a similar unit. This was a vertical turbine application, with relatively high thrust requirement.


CHALLENGE: A Dynamatic Water-Cooled Coupling had not been working properly, so they reached out for technical assistance.

SOLUTION: Our engineers determined that an incorrect water outlet was causing flooding of the bearings and premature wear of the unit. We underscored the value of our WCS unit, and received an order for a direct, drop-in replacement.

Fort Lupton Colorado

CHALLENGE: Equipment in a wastewater treatment facility failed and the system was no longer supported by the original installer (1994). An estimate for equipment replacement was $500,000, plus the facility would’ve had to truck wastewater out of the facility every day for thousands of dollars each week. Lead time would’ve been several months.

SOLUTION: We received an inquiry about this project as our brake was connected to their centrifuge. The project required an in-person visit. For two days, our engineers reverse-engineered the equipment and provided a solution with our EC-2000 controller. The final bill for testing, reconfiguration, and solution was $15,000.

MWRD Chicago

CHALLENGE: Two older, 350HP drive units from a remote wastewater collection reservoir and pumping station were failing.

SOLUTION: We provided two refurbished eddy current drive & motor packages, plus a separate order for a constant speed motor that required variable speed.

Greater Lawrence Sanitary District

CHALLENGE: Four pump motors installed in 1974 were failing. These were brushless, synchronous motors and retrofitting VFDs was going to be tricky and expensive. Two were equipped with eddy current drives, two were constant speed units.

SOLUTION: Refurbishing the pumps, motors, and eddy current drives proved to be the most cost-effective solution. The client also chose to add variable speed capability to the smaller motors by retrofitting two new Dynamatic ECDs. All bearings, carbon brushes, and slip rings were replaced, and worn surfaces were machined to “as new” status. We also supplied a new EC-2000 controller that was compatible to the total system.

International Paper

CHALLENGE: We received a call that a 10HP Dynamatic AS unit from 1997 had failed.

SOLUTION: We quoted them a special 24-hour lead time, along with a hot-shot courier delivery option. We received a purchase order immediately, and the unit (in stock) was picked up by the courier the next day. From the time we received the initial inquiry, to the time of receipt in the facility, it was less than 72 hours.

KC Water

CHALLENGE: Constant speed motors were costing the wastewater treatment facility some big money.

SOLUTION: We retrofit four 300HP Continental motors with eddy current drives to upgrade them to variable speed. Eddy current drives were chosen, instead of VFDs, for their longevity, ruggedness, and low maintenance. We also replaced four 350HP constant speed motors with new variable speed drives for better energy savings at a remote facility.


CHALLENGE: In this large textile company, our Mark III controllers were used for years in their chemical pumping applications. The controllers were aging and it was time for an upgrade.

SOLUTION: We were contacted to replace the vintage controllers with the newer EC-2000s, which are a universal fit to the Mark III. Initial test units were supplied and as they performed well, all 500 controllers are being replaced as needed.

Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District

CHALLENGE: Severe duty led to the demise of two motors and drives at this facility.

SOLUTION: We supplied a cooperative order with a motor repair shop. The motor shop rehabbed a 1650HP Ideal synchronous motor and we rehabbed the Ideal Electric eddy current model. This required manufacturing a new drum to match the previous one.


CHALLENGE: A brake unit used to control blade speed on a wind tunnel powered by a 32,000 HP wound rotor motor had coil failure due to corrosion, oil leakage, and a malfunctioning cooling system that had been in service since 1950. The unit could not be removed from the wind tunnel for repair, so we had to come up with a creative solution.

SOLUTION: NASA contracted with Dynamatic to oversee the work required to disassemble the brake, remove the damaged coils and refit the babbit bearings. The bearings were sent back to our factory in Wisconsin to be relined. We manufactured 4 new coils and 4 spare coils, which were sent to the site along with the rebuilt bearings. We also supplied new components for the water piping system along with new control valves, a pump, motor, and pressure transmitter for level control on the water outlet exchange tank.  We then returned to the site and consulted with the various trades and engineers on the installation, programing, and commissioning of the system. 

NEW CHALLENGEShortly after the system was released back to the facility the operators encountered failures (blown fuses) on the existing eddy current brake controller that had not been replaced as part of the earlier work. 

SOLUTION: NASA again looked to Dynamatic to determine if the cause was the new coils or some other issue. It was a controls issue. We built a 300V 64 Amp fully enclosed portable eddy current control fixture and took it to the site to test the coils and test operate the system. The test control worked flawlessly and the customer elected to keep the controller and permanently install it for wind tunnel operation.