TASC® & HEENAN Eddy Current Controls

Drive Source International is the North American distributor and factory repair specialist for TASC and HEENAN Eddy Current Drives and Controls.

We service and support the full range of TASC and HEENAN Eddy Current controls. These controls offer infinitely adjustable speed or torque control.

TASC CD and TR Eddy Current Controls

Tasc® adjustable speed controllers provide DC excitation for Eddy Current drives. A feedback signal from an internal tachometer generator is compared to a reference signal within the controller to maintain accurate speed control. Many different controllers are available in the CD and TR families of controls. Contact us for your specific application.

HEENAN 200/6 Excitation Unit for variable D.C. control

The HEENAN 200/6 excitation unit provides an infinitely variable D.C. output for energizing the field coil of a HEENAN Eddy Current Coupling. The unit, when combined with a drive motor, Eddy Current coupling and tacho-generator, provides a variable speed drive, which will maintain its set speed level over a wide range of load.