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DSI/Dynamatic and A&C Electric Form Exclusive Partnership


STURTEVANT, WISCONSIN, JUNE 2020 — DSI/Dynamatic® in Sturtevant, Wis., and A&C Electric in Harrison Township, Mich., have announced an exclusive partnership to serve customers in similar industries across the United States.This partnership broadens market reach for both companies. A&C Electric services Dynamatic products. DSI/Dynamatic offers rugged, long-lasting eddy current drives, brakes, motors and controls, genuine replacement parts, and experienced engineering and technical services. A&C Electric provides electric motor repair, testing and sales, as well as new motor sales. “As the world’s largest manufacturer of Eddy Current drive technology, Dynamatic seeks organizational partnerships focused on cutting edge technology, superior customer service and [...]

DSI/Dynamatic and A&C Electric Form Exclusive Partnership2020-06-22T10:34:23-05:00

DSI/Dynamatic and Pivotal Pumps Partner To Broaden Markets


  DSI/Dynamatic® in Sturtevant, Wis., and Pivotal Pumps in Sussex, Wis. have announced a collaborative partnership in order to serve customers in divergent industries across America. This trusted advisor partnership was announced publicly on May 4. The partnership broadens market reach for both companies and they each will represent the full product lines of the other. DSI/Dynamatic offers rugged, long-lasting eddy current drives, brakes, motors and controls, genuine replacement parts, and experienced engineering and technical services. Pivotal Pumps offers pump repair, after-market pump parts, field installation services, condition monitoring, engineering analysis, customer training and engineered upgrades. “As the world’s largest manufacturer [...]

DSI/Dynamatic and Pivotal Pumps Partner To Broaden Markets2020-06-03T10:14:25-05:00

New Hire Press Release – Rebecca Hart


Rebecca Hart Joins DSI/Dynamatic® as Marketing Manager DSI/Dynamatic® has named Rebecca Hart as Marketing Manager. Hart has joined DSI/Dynamatic® with more than 20 years in marketing, having led successful strategies and efforts for large corporations and smaller businesses in the areas of Milwaukee and Chicago. She will oversee all marketing efforts for the company, including website content management, social media, and print marketing materials. Hart holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh. “Rebecca is a tremendous talent, warm personality and is proving to be a perfect fit and strong contributor to [...]

New Hire Press Release – Rebecca Hart2020-06-03T10:14:45-05:00

New Hire Press Release – Adam Dillon


Adam Dillon Named Inside Sales Account Manager at DSI/Dynamatic® DSI/Dynamatic® has named Adam Dillon as Inside Sales Account Manager. Adam is excited to join the DSI/Dynamatic® team, and is eager to bring his 15 years of manufacturing sales support experience and passion for providing top-tier customer service to this exciting new role. He graduated with Bachelor’s degrees in Economics and French Studies from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee and studied abroad at the NEOMA Business School in Rouen, France. Gary Steinhart, President and CEO of DSI/Dynamatic said he is pleased to have Dillon on board. “We’re excited to [...]

New Hire Press Release – Adam Dillon2020-06-03T10:14:51-05:00

Stamp Out Downtime


Stamp Out Downtime with a Dynamatic® CES Press Drive Unit Dynamatic Mechanical CES Press Drives The CES (Constant Energy System) controller and eddy current mechanical drive unit are applied in stamping press applications. The name, Constant Energy System, is derived from the physical arrangement of the components of the system, the flywheel of the eddy-current drive, coupled to a constant speed motor. Therefore, constant kinetic energy is maintained in the flywheel. After the slide velocity is almost completely at rest, they provide the starting torque and braking action that are required without the need for physical contact between the [...]

Stamp Out Downtime2020-06-03T10:14:56-05:00

Municipality Saves Money with Eddy Current


Recent Refurbishment saves municipality money at pumping station for a New England Wastewater Service Plant In today’s market, it is not always necessary to replace the entire Eddy Current Variable Speed drive system. Budget restraints and construction costs on large projects can hinder a complete remodel of an operation. This has been the case for large-horsepower applications that require medium-voltage (2,300 or 4,160 volt) motors. Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) in these applications are large, expensive and often require space that must be added on to existing buildings and be equipped with air conditioning systems that consume more power. A [...]

Municipality Saves Money with Eddy Current2020-06-03T10:15:04-05:00

First Choice for High Performance


Eddy Current Drives: First Choice for High Performance and Reliable Operation You have several choices when it comes to drive technologies. But when the cost of downtime enters the decision making, the field narrows… to eddy current. Why? Because no other drive system operates with such simplicity, with so few parts to wear out, and with so little maintenance. Once you pencil in the total cost of downtime for your process, the lost material, the lost labor, the lost output, you’ll see why many system designers and engineers specify high performance eddy current drives. Simplicity makes the difference. [...]

First Choice for High Performance2020-06-03T10:15:11-05:00

Webinar: May 22, 2019


DSI/Dynamatic Partners with Hydraulic Institute for Webinar About Eddy Current. DSI/Dynamatic’s Gary Patterson is once again partnering with Hydraulic Institute (HI), the global authority on pumps and pumping systems, to help present their newest webinar about Eddy Current drives, on May 22, 2019. As the premier go-to expert of the benefits of Eddy Current technology, Gary Patterson recently, worked to update HI’s published Application Guideline for Variable Speed Pumping, authoring the appendix devoted to the specific technology of Eddy Current Drives (also known as magnetic drives, eddy current clutches or magnetic clutches). The approximately 45 minutes with 15 minutes [...]

Webinar: May 22, 20192020-06-03T10:15:22-05:00

Don’t Dismiss Life Cycle Costs


Don’t Dismiss the Life Cycle Cost of Pump Drive Systems When municipalities are in the market for a new pump system there are many cost factors that need to be considered. Efficiency and acquisition cost of the drive system are generally the easiest to identify, but the one that is most often over looked is the Life Cycle cost of the system. The life cycle cost of a piece of equipment is defined as the sum of all costs associated with that equipment from the day it is purchased throughout its entire operating life. The costs that would need [...]

Don’t Dismiss Life Cycle Costs2020-06-03T10:15:29-05:00

Jennifer Ludlum joins our Team


Drive Source International/Dynamatic® Announces new Regional Sales Engineer We are pleased to announce that Jennifer Ludlum has joined our team as Regional Sales Engineer. In this position, Jennifer will focus on engineering and customer service, while growing the DSI/Dynamatic® Representatives network in the Municipal and Industrial Water & Wastewater markets. Jennifer Ludlum holds a BSME in Mechanical Engineer from Lehigh University Bethlehem, PA. She has a comprehensive background as a maintenance engineer with marketing, and sales management experience. “I want to take my knowledge and develop educational training sessions for engineers and end-users.” Jennifer continues. “Increasing the number [...]

Jennifer Ludlum joins our Team2020-06-03T10:15:34-05:00
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