We Have VSD Inventory For a Limited Time!


By DSI/Dynamatic At a time when supply chain issues have plagued the manufacturing industry for nearly two years, and suppliers are scrambling to obtain materials, we’re happy to report that we have a limited inventory of fractional horsepower variable speed drives (VSDs)! Fractional drives range from ¼ to 1.5 horsepower and are most often used in spindle operations, turntables, take-ups, and rewinds. Variable speed drives, or adjustable speed drives, are used to change the speed of a constant speed AC motor. Advantages include: Control, motor, and clutch are all in one 200% rated torque for starting and high-peak loads No physical [...]

We Have VSD Inventory For a Limited Time!2022-07-28T12:21:36-05:00

How Eddy Current Changes Pump Speed Without Changing the Motor Speed


By DSI/Dynamatic, Inc. An Eddy Current Drive uses eddy currents - loops of electrical current created by changing the strength of a magnetic field. As the drum turns and excitation current is applied, a torque is developed, and the output rotor drives the load. In an Eddy Current Drive, the motor and driven equipment are not physically connected. The Eddy Current Drive goes between the motor and pump and the input and output shafts turn independently. This allows for the motor to always be running at design speed, providing maximum cooling to the motor helping extend the motor life and the ability [...]

How Eddy Current Changes Pump Speed Without Changing the Motor Speed2022-06-21T16:22:42-05:00

Why Choose Eddy Current Over VFD? We Explain.


by DSI/Dynamatic, Inc. THE PREMIER SOLUTION Eddy current drive technology can be a reliable proven alternative to traditional VFDs. An eddy current drive controls speed by regulating a direct-current (DC) excitation coil on a magnetic rotor, rotating concentrically with a steel drum, driven by the motor at full speed. Like the pumps and electric motors that drive them, eddy current drives are rotating machines. They are constructed with steel castings, fabrications, bearings and electrical windings. Most maintenance or repair technicians can easily understand these drives, making maintaining and repairing them uncomplicated.  Regular preventative maintenance, re-manufacturing services, drop in replacements, and readily [...]

Why Choose Eddy Current Over VFD? We Explain.2022-04-13T11:18:24-05:00

When To Use “Made In the USA”


By DSI/Dynamatic There’s no doubt that the “Made in the USA” or “Made in America” labels generate positivity. In today’s global economy, having a product with that label is almost like a unicorn. You have something special. But what does it take for a product to carry that label? The indicators are in a bit of a gray area. We’ll try to explain. For the most part, a “Made in the USA” label can be used on products that are mostly made in America. What does that mean, exactly? According to the Federal Trade Commission, it means that all, or virtually [...]

When To Use “Made In the USA”2022-03-10T09:51:21-06:00

State of the Supply Chain


By DSI/Dynamatic, Inc. Supply chain issues have plagued America since the beginning of the pandemic but got progressively worse through 2021. The problems are far from over, but we’re taking a rearview look and learning that while the disruptions were record breaking, companies like ours were able to pivot and find new ways to cope. The Thomas Index Report for the week of January 24 illustrated that the disruptions were more significant than those during the financial crisis of 2008. The data from the report shows that demand for ocean freight services was up 111% over the previous quarter. There were [...]

State of the Supply Chain2022-02-07T13:50:28-06:00

Is A Business Partnership Worth It?


By DSI/Dynamatic, Inc. Have you ever considered a partnership with another business? Strategic commitments, such as this, could boost revenue and expand customer reach exponentially. As a manufacturer, DSI/Dynamatic, Inc. relies on business partnerships to not only get our jobs done, but also to expand our customer base, build brand awareness, and to provide added value to our products and services. Partnerships, at least according to, can lead to long-term profitability. When two or more businesses combine forces, their customer reach and brand trust are expanded. “Companies have been working together for mutual benefits for a long time for a [...]

Is A Business Partnership Worth It?2021-12-27T09:26:19-06:00

FAQs – Dynamatic


By DSI/Dynamatic   We have an old unit with a Dynamatic nameplate on it, but it’s not working right. Do you repair or replace these units? We do both! If you have a unit that isn’t functioning properly, or isn’t functioning at all, we will diagnose and repair or replace, whichever is most cost effective to you. If your unit is repairable, we do recommend that you buy new and use the repaired unit as a spare so you have no down time within your facility.   What is your lead time? That depends on a lot of factors. If we [...]

FAQs – Dynamatic2021-11-01T09:10:32-05:00

How Dynamatic & Desalination Can Solve Water Challenges


By DSI/Dynamatic It’s no secret that many areas of the world are already experiencing water hardships. These challenges include shortages of fresh water supply, stressed supply, and changes in climate that lead to longer and more severe droughts. Desalination has been the buzz word in the water industry for some time. In its essence, this artificial process takes the salt out of the ocean water and converts it for use in human consumption or irrigation. It sounds like a very easy answer to a very large problem. However, while it’s a solution for affluent areas near the ocean, it may not [...]

How Dynamatic & Desalination Can Solve Water Challenges2021-10-04T15:29:34-05:00

Inclusive Leadership Examples: Why It’s Important in Manufacturing


By DSI/Dynamatic Diversity and inclusion in a workforce can lead to a highly competitive advantage in manufacturing. We might think of “diversity” as a singular thing, as ethnicity or race, but diversity is defined by Oxford Languages as “the practice or quality of including or involving people from a range of different social and ethnic backgrounds of different genders, sexual orientations, etc.” Inclusion is the feeling of being respected, acknowledged, and valued – in this case, in the workplace. Supportive leaders in manufacturing provide an energy and commitment that encourage employees to do their best work, which can lead to higher [...]

Inclusive Leadership Examples: Why It’s Important in Manufacturing2021-09-10T08:46:44-05:00

State of Manufacturing – Summer 2021


by Shannon Simpson-Digital Marketing Specialist, DuraTech Industries & DSI/Dynamatic, Inc. Like many industries, U.S. Manufacturing was not spared from the disruption of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Manufacturers faced significant challenges during the pandemic, from forced factory shut downs to shifting to solely producing essential supplies.  Product shortages and capacity constraints implicated supply chains. The safety and wellbeing of the essential workforce created changes to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements, as well as health and environmental policies.  Many companies moved non-production workforce to remote sites, mainly worker’s homes. Nobody was prepared for this pandemic and the impact is not over. So, where does [...]

State of Manufacturing – Summer 20212021-08-02T15:07:39-05:00
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