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By DSI/Dynamatic   We have an old unit with a Dynamatic nameplate on it, but it’s not working right. Do you repair or replace these units? We do both! If you have a unit that isn’t functioning properly, or isn’t functioning at all, we will diagnose and repair or replace, whichever is most cost effective to you. If your unit is repairable, we do recommend that you buy new and use the repaired unit as a spare so you have no down time within your facility.   What is your lead time? That depends on a lot of factors. If we [...]

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How Dynamatic & Desalination Can Solve Water Challenges


By DSI/Dynamatic It’s no secret that many areas of the world are already experiencing water hardships. These challenges include shortages of fresh water supply, stressed supply, and changes in climate that lead to longer and more severe droughts. Desalination has been the buzz word in the water industry for some time. In its essence, this artificial process takes the salt out of the ocean water and converts it for use in human consumption or irrigation. It sounds like a very easy answer to a very large problem. However, while it’s a solution for affluent areas near the ocean, it may not [...]

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Inclusive Leadership Examples: Why It’s Important in Manufacturing


By DSI/Dynamatic Diversity and inclusion in a workforce can lead to a highly competitive advantage in manufacturing. We might think of “diversity” as a singular thing, as ethnicity or race, but diversity is defined by Oxford Languages as “the practice or quality of including or involving people from a range of different social and ethnic backgrounds of different genders, sexual orientations, etc.” Inclusion is the feeling of being respected, acknowledged, and valued – in this case, in the workplace. Supportive leaders in manufacturing provide an energy and commitment that encourage employees to do their best work, which can lead to higher [...]

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State of Manufacturing – Summer 2021


by Shannon Simpson-Digital Marketing Specialist, DuraTech Industries & DSI/Dynamatic, Inc. Like many industries, U.S. Manufacturing was not spared from the disruption of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Manufacturers faced significant challenges during the pandemic, from forced factory shut downs to shifting to solely producing essential supplies.  Product shortages and capacity constraints implicated supply chains. The safety and wellbeing of the essential workforce created changes to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements, as well as health and environmental policies.  Many companies moved non-production workforce to remote sites, mainly worker’s homes. Nobody was prepared for this pandemic and the impact is not over. So, where does [...]

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An Introduction to AC Motors


by DSI/Dynamatic and IQS Directory Part of an eddy current drive is its motor. Our drives consists of two parts: an AC motor and the eddy current product to vary its speed and the torque for the equipment it's moving. AC motors lend to the efficiency of eddy current drives and are easy to maintain. In this month's blog, we enlisted writers from IQS Directory to help us explain AC motors on their page. Click here to read the article. Find our IQS Directory listing here.   Photo: Parts of an eddy current drive.

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#USAMfgHour: A Year of Learning


by DSI/Dynamatic, Inc.   When the #USAMfgHour hashtag was born on Twitter in early 2020, it had been inspired by something from the U.K. manufacturing circles. Two chats aptly named the #UKMfgHour and #MIBHour (Made in Britain) already had a following on Twitter. Those who were in manufacturing and marketing were joining together to share ideas within their industry. Dan Bigger, Director of Marketing for Chenango Valley Technologies in Sherburne, New York, was a founding member of the community in the U.S. He had been watching and participating in the U.K. chats and thought the same should be happening in his [...]

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Minimize Downtime; Keep a Spare on Hand


By DSI/Dynamatic There’s no doubt that down time is costly. Not only do you have to count the operator wages, but overtime hours should also be considered, as well as any expedited shipping fees to ensure your orders arrive as quickly as possible. In the pulp and paper manufacturing industry, for instance, that could cost as much as $25,000 an hour, or even more! Who wants to pay that cost? Of course, it’s not difficult to minimize down time in your facility. You should note the age of your equipment. If it has a Dynamatic nameplate, it’s generally good for several [...]

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5 Factors of Supply Chain Shortages


Courtesy of Guest Blogger Gina M. Tabasso, marketing director with dar-tech, inc., a specialty chemical and raw material distributor for the Midwestern U.S. 5 reasons for supply chain shortages There is no industry or person left untouched by the course of events during the past year. Most recently, manufacturers started experiencing an inability to source necessary materials to maintain production quotas due, in large part, to these five factors: COVID-19 impacts that caused shutdowns and shifts in production, as well as temporary trade restrictions. A U.S.-China trade war, which triggered pressure to increase domestic production and employment. Truck driver shortages that [...]

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Top 10 Ways DSI/Dynamatic is Sustainable


By DSI/Dynamatic DSI/Dynamatic considers “sustainability” a forward vision that includes our society and our environment. We ask important questions such as, what does our company look like 10 years from now, 25 years from now or 50 years from now? Are we maintaining the business as it is now? Are we growing? Are we working toward a better planet? What are we doing to support our community and our employees? There are a lot of questions to ask as sustainability doesn’t have one single answer. However, we are diligently conscious of this topic as we continue to increase our growth around [...]

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2020: What Have We Learned?


By DSI/Dynamatic There’s no doubt that 2020 will go down in the history books for more than one reason. We saw the rise of a global pandemic, climate crises such as flooding and wildfires, and political turmoil, among other things. Through it all, we had to survive first as humans and then as businesses. How did we manage it all? What have we learned from a year that was so complicated? And how can we do better? “Last year was definitely something,” Marketing Manager Rebecca Hart said. “We learned that much of our work can be, and had to be done [...]

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