Baldwin Filters, Kearney, Nebraska

Failure of a press drive could've been extremely detrimental to this manufacturing business. A request came in to replace an AT-440 unit and we delivered!

Baldwin Filters, Kearney, Nebraska

Baldwin Case Study

Indiana Waterworks

After 33 years of reliable service with Dynamatic, a 500HP high service pump unit received a replacement Dynamatic® SPMV-8180 equipped with a high efficiency 500HP 4,160 volt motor and EC2000 controller.

St. Joseph, Missouri

Over three decades, all VFDs were replaced multiple times at a cost of several million dollars. Maintenance and replacement costs on the VFDs were high. Long-term reliability and factory support have been inferior. All original eddy-current drives, installed in the 1960s, continued as operational. Annual maintenance costs for the eddy-current drives were very low. The city of St. Joseph replaced VFDs with Dynamatic® eddy-current drives, and all new variable speed applications for the ruggedness, longevity and cost-savings of the Dynamatic product.

Lemay Pumping Station

When a cost/performance evaluation was conducted across the municipality’s 200HP and larger electromagnetic pump-drive systems, management determined that these applications would be best served by upgrading all existing Dynamatic® drives from analog based controls to new digital controls.

Lemay Pumping Station Case Study

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Columbus, Ohio Case Study

After interviewing Dynamatic and several VFD/Motor vendors, the City and Engineer concluded that Variable Frequency Drive’s, cost, space considerations and cooling requirements were not favorable for the project. Their best option was to replace the Eddy Current Drives in kind with new Dynamatic SPMV-8260 units, they are rated at 1250 HP, 514 RPM, 4160 volts.

A Low Cost Approach To Green Energy

The benefits of variable speed pumping have long been recognized, including reduced power cost, reduced mechanical wear and process optimization. In today’s economy and environmental awareness, a significant reduction of a company’s carbon footprint can now be added to the list of benefits. Electromagnetic drives can often prove to be the best path to achieve these results, and can be shown to pay for themselves over a long period of service.

Greater Lawrence Sanitary District

When four original drives from 1974 started failing, our customer looked for a low-cost solution. VFDs were going to be tricky to retrofit and very costly. Dynamatic® was chosen as the best option for cost, ease and performance.

Greater Lawrence Sanitary District

Greater Lawrence Massachusetts

Bissell Point Wastewater Treatment Plant

The analog system controlling the eddy current clutches on large pumps caused maintenance issues and reliability was suspect. See how we resolved the issues.

Bissell Point Wastewater Treatment Plant

Bissell Point Wastewater Treatment Plant