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DSI/Dynamatic Hires Lori Pottinger


DSI/Dynamatic welcomes Lori Pottinger to the team! Lori brings a solid work ethic and leadership to DSI/Dynamatic, having been an active member of the United States Army as a radar repair technician, and production control specialist and supervisor. Most recently, Pottinger worked as a Test Department Lead for BEI Electronics in Franksville, Wis. She oversaw the monitoring, planning, and execution of work orders as well as supervising and training new employees. Her leadership skills and knowledge of electronics will be a welcome asset to the DSI/Dynamatic team. Gary Steinhart, President and CEO of DSI/Dynamatic said he is excited to have Pottinger [...]

DSI/Dynamatic Hires Lori Pottinger2021-02-03T14:39:45-06:00

2020: What Have We Learned?


By DSI/Dynamatic There’s no doubt that 2020 will go down in the history books for more than one reason. We saw the rise of a global pandemic, climate crises such as flooding and wildfires, and political turmoil, among other things. Through it all, we had to survive first as humans and then as businesses. How did we manage it all? What have we learned from a year that was so complicated? And how can we do better? “Last year was definitely something,” Marketing Manager Rebecca Hart said. “We learned that much of our work can be, and had to be done [...]

2020: What Have We Learned?2021-02-01T08:41:45-06:00

Patent for “Eddy Current Apparatus” Launches Dynamatic®


By Rebecca Hart, Marketing Manager The year was 1943. Martin P. Winther filed a patent with the United States Patent Office for an “Eddy-Current Apparatus” that would eventually launch what is now the Dynamatic brand. On that date in June, it was filed specifically for dynamometers – equipment used to measure torque and rotational speed of a motor or engine. The patent was filed as an improvement on other constructions from Charles T. Hayes and Ernest Bernard, who filed patents for “electromagnetic apparatuses.” The patent was filed because Winther noticed a problem with the existing mechanical devices. With his entrepreneurial mindset [...]

Patent for “Eddy Current Apparatus” Launches Dynamatic®2021-01-04T09:45:14-06:00

6 Tips for a Successful Holiday Shut Down


By DSI/Dynamatic Temporary shutdowns, which usually occur the week between Christmas and New Year’s, are scheduled breaks in manufacturing facilities where activities such as inventory, preventative maintenance, upgrades and process improvements occur. They’re not necessarily a negative thing, though they sometimes carry negative connotation. During most shutdowns, managers and most laborers are off the floor of the facility, leaving time available to schedule routine maintenance on facility equipment, among other things. A skeleton crew can work efficiently and without much disruption from the production lines. Planned shutdowns can lead to improvements in the performance of equipment and processes. The Michigan Economic [...]

6 Tips for a Successful Holiday Shut Down2020-12-01T08:15:18-06:00

Four Things That Prevent Breakdowns


By DSI/Dynamatic There’s no doubt that equipment will break down from time to time. Breakdowns seem to happen at the most inconvenient times, too, leaving you at a standstill that costs a lot of money. It becomes very stressful when you experience down times due to equipment breakdowns as other machinery, processes, and functions are reliant on that one piece of equipment to function properly. Equipment breakdowns can happen to anyone, but prevention is ultimately your best line of defense. So, how do you avoid an equipment breakdown? We’ll lead you through a few simple steps to make sure you’re doing [...]

Four Things That Prevent Breakdowns2020-10-30T15:55:43-05:00

Troubleshooting Your EC-2000 Control


By Rebecca Hart, Marketing Manager and Greg Ostrowski, Engineering Manager We all know that electronic controls may not work from time to time. If we’re lucky, we will install a control and never have to call for repair. There are times when a little troubleshooting will go a long way. If you know what to do, you won’t have to make a service call. Our EC-2000 is our newest control that functions not only with Dynamatic® brand products, but many other brands as well. If you run into a problem, it’s best to start at the control to see if the [...]

Troubleshooting Your EC-2000 Control2020-10-07T14:07:25-05:00

COVID-19: How We’ve Adapted Despite the Disruption


By Rebecca Hart, Marketing Manager In February 2020, COVID-19 was barely a household word. In fact, probably only those in the healthcare field were even talking about it. But a month later, that word would turn the world upside down. Now that it’s September, nearly 7 months past an initial worldwide reaction, we’re still reeling from the effects of the virus that shut down most of the world, and, we’re learning to adapt to keep our business running smoothly and seamlessly. This was uncharted territory. We hadn’t seen a global pandemic such as this one in our lifetimes. As a precautionary [...]

COVID-19: How We’ve Adapted Despite the Disruption2020-10-07T11:22:36-05:00

VFD vs VSD: Are They The Same?


By Gary Patterson, Municipal Market Manager To answer that question simply: yes and no. Though, that’s not quite so simple, is it? As with most explanations, there’s a short answer and a long answer when we compare Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) with Variable Speed Drives (VSDs).  Variable frequency drives are variable speed drives but there are other types of variable speed drives. The most common is Eddy Current. There are two significant differences, however, and this is the short answer:  Eddy current drives change the speed of the coupling while leaving the motor speed to run at full speed.  VFD’s change [...]

VFD vs VSD: Are They The Same?2020-08-11T16:08:48-05:00

Mechanical Advantages of Eddy Current Drives


By Jennifer Ludlum, Regional Sales Engineer People most often talk about efficiency and harmonics when discussing variable speed, but there is a mechanical side to variable speed drives and the benefits are significant with an eddy current drive. Let’s take a look. In an eddy current drive, the motor and driven equipment are not physically connected. The input and output shafts turn independently.  The motor end is within the frame of the drive unit, and an open-ended cylinder is coupled to the motor shaft. (Figure 1) Attached to the driven equipment is the output rotor (Figure 2).  This rotor has the [...]

Mechanical Advantages of Eddy Current Drives2020-10-07T11:23:41-05:00

DSI/Dynamatic and A&C Electric Form Exclusive Partnership


STURTEVANT, WISCONSIN, JUNE 2020 — DSI/Dynamatic® in Sturtevant, Wis., and A&C Electric in Harrison Township, Mich., have announced an exclusive partnership to serve customers in similar industries across the United States.This partnership broadens market reach for both companies. A&C Electric services Dynamatic products. DSI/Dynamatic offers rugged, long-lasting eddy current drives, brakes, motors and controls, genuine replacement parts, and experienced engineering and technical services. A&C Electric provides electric motor repair, testing and sales, as well as new motor sales. “As the world’s largest manufacturer of Eddy Current drive technology, Dynamatic seeks organizational partnerships focused on cutting edge technology, superior customer service and [...]

DSI/Dynamatic and A&C Electric Form Exclusive Partnership2020-06-22T10:34:23-05:00
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